Occupational Safety, Health & Welfare for all


To empower through education, trainings, research, and other relevant interventions for preventing and controlling all forms of work- related hazards to ensure safety, health and welfare at work places

Our Values

  • Relevance - Our services are focused to improve the occupational safety and health status in all work places and provide consultations for continues improvements.
  • Quality - We utilize only the best science, the most practical & cost effective solutions for your safety and health issues in all work places & continues Monitoring, evaluations and improvements will be carried out until you succeed.
  • Partnership - We are a government organization & affiliated to the Ministry of Labor & Labor relations, Sri Lanka extending the partnership   with multinational and national industry, employer and employee organizations, International agencies, scientists and professional communities.
  • Access - Any interested party can obtain all NIOSH services through electronic access.
  • Performance - Our services are scientific based results-oriented.
  • Accountability - Our services are focused to solve the occupational safety and health problems identified presently focused for the future progress of the industry.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

  • To advice the Government in the formulation of a national policy on Occupational safety & health & on the working environment both of employers & employees taking into consideration the nature of the occupation & safety of the employers & Employ.
  • to advice the Government on measures required for the prevention of accidents and injuries relating, to Occupation at work places;
  • to conduct, undertake and assist in investigations, study programes,surveys and research in the field of Occupational safety and health
  • to provide advisory services to any institution or person on the correct use of equipment, hazardous substances,physical,chemical or biological agents or products or any other hazards;
  • to educate and provide necessary training to employees,occupiers,workers or any other person required of knowledge and training in occupational safety and health and related subjects either in collaboration with any other institution or university in Sri Lanka or abroad, or by the Institute and award certificates or diplomas on completion of such education or training;
  • to provide required services on the correct use of equipment, hazardous substances,physical,chemical, biological agents or product and psychosocial hazards and avoidance of known hazards;
    • to advise the Minister on legislative requirements with regard to standards,codes,practices and guidelines in matters relating to occupational safety and health
    • to evaluate and determine the work process, the substances and  agents, the exposure to which is be prohibited, limited or made subject to supervision;
  • to undertake or collaborate in the collection,preparation,dissemination and publishing of information relating to occupational safety and health;
  • to organize or to sponsor conferences,seminars,workshops,symposiums or such other similar programes and publish papers in connection with occupational safety and health;
  • to co-ordinate inter-ministerial projects ,programes and activities on occupational safety and health;
  • to establish and maintain libraries and laboratories for the purpose of promoting and furthering of the practice of occupational safety and health;
  • to develop research and special laboratories;
  • to liaise and establish links and networks with relevant National and International Institutions, Universities or any other organizations in the field of occupational  safety and health; and
  • to establish national standards in the field of Occupational safety and health.