Workers medical assessment specifies as pre and periodic medical examinations. It is one of the most important aspect in placing the workers for suitable jobs. Further it is essential to assess the workers health status periodically to justify that the worker is in good health to perform the work effectively. Biological monitoring ensures the workers physical fitness to perform the job productively and efficiently which intern reduces the health expenditure, absenteeism and turn over in industries.

Following services are being provided by NIOSH as to improve workers health;
Company medical examinations including physical examination, blood testing, lung function testing and audiometric examination.

What is special about this service

NIOSH is the only government organization which provides a specific pre and periodic medical examination service based on hazard identification. The medical testing will be very specifically focused to assess the health status based on the exposures. The worker will be given a report based on the reports and the company will be given a special report based on the workers health assessment reports and hazard identification.

Type of the services

This is a very special testing for the employees who are exposed to high noise levels. As we all know it the employees are exposed to high noise levels, for a long period of time while working they might end up with temporary or permanent hearing losses.

The permanent hearing cannot be treated or cured. Therefore it is a responsibility of all employers to carry out annual audio-metric examinations for the employees whom exposed to loud noise levels.

NIOSH provides a special and individual report for all employees assessing there hearing levels based on the audio-metric testing.

If the noise levels are very high in the respective areas in the industry

  • Audiograph will be drawn and provided individually

Target worker

Who are exposed to noise.

Ms. Ramya Jamburegoda
+94 112 585 425 (Ext: 103)

  • Full blood count,
  • Liver function testing
  • Fasting blood sugar levels will be checked

Ms. Ramya Jamburegoda
+94 112 585 425 (Ext: 103)

This service delivery through NIOSH is very specific due to the following factors;

  • NIOSH is the only government authorized organization which provides the fitness to work assessment

It includes - two steps

  • Factory visit
  • Medical examination and provision of reports

Factory Visit

Factory visit will be done as a preliminary step to indentify the hazards in the specific industry

Medical examination and provision of reports

  • Based on the factory visit findings the workers will be physically examined by a qualified occupational physician at the company premises
  • The workers will be selected based on the identified occupational hazards
  • They will be subjected to blood testing , audiometric examination, lung function testing or vision testing by competent staff

It includes

Physical Examination

  • This includes a physical examination
  • Blood pressure
  • BMI checking

This is a screening test for all employees whom exposed to any type of dust. This is the preliminary assessment to judge whether the employees are leading to any lung anthologies due to work exposure.

This is not an invasive method of screening. This test is carried out using a very sophisticated lung function testing equipment called spectrometer.

Depending on there weight and height there lung capacities will be assessed and there possibilities for disuses - proneness will be assessed. NIOSH will provide an individual report for all employees whom we screened.

If the working premises are dusty or if the workers are exposed to chemicals

  • FVC/FEC/ PEFR reports will be obtained

Target workers

Who are working & exposed to dust.

Ms. Ramya Jamburegoda
+94 112 585 425 (Ext: 103)

Based on the visual acuity, the workers will be referred to an optician and if required free spectacles will be provided.

Contents of the Report

This report will be provided individual basis

  • Considering following factors - exposed hazards
  • Past medical history
  • Occupational history
  • Trend analysis

Valid only for one year

Structure of the report

  • Industry specific introduction
  • Process specific and machinery specific working environmental assessment record
  • Measurements based results
  • Interpretation of the results
  • Conclusion and recommendations based on the results

Benefits to the Industry

  • Will be able to legally valid document/ individually and company based
  • Will be able to reduce the health budget in the industry as it contains the noise induced hearing losses mitigating recomendaations
  • Compliance to the National safety & Health law
  • Added value in ISO/ OSHA certifications
  • Increase profitability by reducing absenteeism, occupational accidents and occupational diseases
  • Correct decision making on OSH issues
  • Can be used as a proof document in legal matters
  • It has the government identification

How to obtain the service

Download the application through the WEB

Ms. A.H.C. Ishangi / Ms. M.H. Upeksha Madhurangika
+94 112 585 425 (Ext: 103)